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Certain tools & machines require inductions before you can use them, this is both for your safety and so that equipment isn’t damaged and can continue to be used by other members.

Power tools such as drills and craft machines such as cutters/embossers are pretty simple and once your shown the basics you are good to go. Larger tools and machines require a bit more time. Please see image above

When we are open and you become a member you will have the opportunity to enrol in inductions for the things you would like to use.


Larger or more complex machines such as the Laser Cutters obviously require a bit more knowledge, especially as these machines require a certain amount of software knowledge too. If your familiar with these machines, inductions can be quick as we may only need to show you our particular machines operation.

Machines like the Table Saw require you to be signed off as competent by an experienced operator.

The CNC Mill, Plasma Table, CNC Router Table again are a bit more complex due to the software knowledge as well as the machine operation itself. There will be group sessions on these things and generally there should always be somonw willing to show you how things work if you get stuck or just want one job doing.


We will offer in-house training on more complex machines, as well as offering courses where other members or hired-in professionals can teach members things like Welding, Sewing, Pottery etc.

We plan to start putting together course packages. Some of these will be free to members, those that carry a cost – members will receive discounts and offered first-refusal before we offer out spaces to non-members.


If you would love to teach a skill or craft, be it one-to-one or to a group – please get in touch Here as we would love to talk to you.