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Why Become A Member?

Becoming a member provides you with 24/7 access* to our machines***, tools and workspace plus inductions, workshops and clubs. As a member you also have a voice in how the space is run and the facilities that are available.

Your membership fee is used to directly fund our mission to provide tools, equipment, resources and facilities which allow us to do even bigger things for our community.

Members are also allowed to hold events, use the space for meetings and even have guests over. Please note that guests must sign liability waivers and may not use tools. For more information, please see the Guests Section of our Rules & Policies.

Sign-Up Process

  1. Sign up for monthly or yearly membership.
  2. Attend any inductions or tours needed.
  3. Show commitment, have ideas, and get involved!
  4. MAKE (and have fun!!)

Membership Details

The cost of Full Membership is currently £40 per month. Full members get 24/7 access* to all the equipment*** and facilities. Some tools and machines will require inductions and training and there will be a nominal one-off fee for some of these.

If multiple members sign up from the same household each member is also able to benefit from a 10%.

We ask members to contribute, if they are able, what they feel is a fair for use of consumables provided and towards the maintenance and to improve the facilities.

Membership fees are automatically recurring.

Other Membership Types

We also offer a Discount on our Full Membership of 10%. This is available at our discretion or if you qualify for one of the following concessions, you may be asked to provide evidence of eligibility.

You can qualify for the Discounted Full Membership is you are:

  • Aged 60+**
  • A Veteran**
  • A Student**
  • Blue Light card holder**

We ask members taking advantage of the discounted membership to contribute, where possible, a little more to the space. This could be anything from keeping areas tidy and organised to teaching classes assisting other members etc.

Membership Rules & Expectations

All members are required to maintain a clean and safe environment at all times. We are an all volunteer organisation, so please be kind to other members and return tools/materials to their proper places.

Please see the Rules & Policies page for more information.

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Accepted Payment Methods, T’s & C’s, Boring Stuff

Monthly memberships require recurring payments via Direct Debit deducted on the 1st of each month, any interim time will be charged pro rota. You will be emailed a link to set this up after completing the membership form. Cash and check are only accepted for yearly memberships, and you will need to contact us to arrange payment.

* 24/7 Access Members can be granted after 3 months, as well as adhesion to established procedures that are in place. then people should be able to come and go as they please. In the first three months a keyholder will need to allow you access. The opening and closing of the space are shown in our Discord channels, accessible to members.

** Proof of eligibility will be required.

*** There are some tools that have extra health and safety concerns, so there are restrictions to use. This will be explained in your induction to the relevant tools.