MAKE Gosport
Welcome to Gosport's Makerspace

MAKE Gosport

MAKE Gosport is a 5,000sq ft (450sqm) Makerspace (Hackspace) and is a essentially a shared community workshop / laboratory / studio. We are an organised group of local artists, engineers, makers, thinkers and tinkerers who work together to provide tools and learning resources to the community.

It’s kinda like a gym but with power tools, glitter glue and lasers!

MAKE Gosport opened in September 2020 and are taking on new members.

We usually hold open evenings on the second Saturdays between 1400 & 1900.  Our address is Unit 5, Quay Lane, GOSPORT P012 4LJ


You can find details on Membership here, where you can sign up as a member.