Building Layout Plan

Here is the building layout – much of the renovation work has been completed and we are now open…

(for photos of the renovation works, click here)

Ground Floor Overview

Alternative view of Ground Floor Layout
First Floor Layout
Alternative First Floor Layout
Main Studio & Member Storage Bins
The Laser Cutters will also be in this area.
Main Studio work area and material storage etc.
Wet Studio, Pottery, Screen Printing, Messy/Craft Kitchen Area
Paint / Resin / Finishing Room. There will be fume and dust extraction so projects can dry/cure safely.
Hot Shop, Welders, Plasma Cutting and Plasma CNC Table
Engineering section with CNC Mill, Lathe, Manual Mill, and other machines / tools.
Woodworking area
Woodworking area
Kitchen Area view 1
Kitchen Area view 2
Outdoor area view


Lounge & Dining area view 1
Lounge & Dining area view 2
3D Fabrication Lab
Electronics, Robotics & Computer LAB
Multipurpose classroom and Arts & Crafts Studio
Breakout area view 1
Breakout area view 2