Who we are

Founded by Paul Cobb in 2019, “UK Makerspace Ltd. is an umberella company for the “MAKE” brand of Makerspaces / Hackerspaces in the UK. We are a Social Enterprise (which means any profit/revenue will go into expanding the equipment and services offered).

A Makerspace is a shared community workshop / laboratory / studio. We are an organised group of local artists, engineers, makers, thinkers and tinkerers who work together to provide tools and learning resources to the community.

The project will be run by its members, all members will have a say in how the space is run.

MAKE Gosport will be the first project managed by UK Makerspace Ltd. who’s aim is to open a Makerspace in each town, borough or city in the South.

The project is initially being funded by its founder & Director, Paul Cobb and we have been fundraising using Crowdfunder which completed in Jan 2020 and raised over £12,000!

Now that we are up and running, we hope that members will want to take up roles and specific management tasks etc. and help run and expand the project.

We are currently applying for funding from the National Lottery and other sources. The project moved into our building late April 2020 and much of the renovations have already been completed. The more support we receive the quicker and more diverse the project will progress.

What We Do

We use these resources to collaborate on individual and community projects in order to promote science, technology and art; while working and experimenting on innovative ideas to encourage learning within our community.

Why We Do It

At UK Makerspace Ltd. we believe that collaboration is a truly effective form of learning. To that end, our members and volunteers teach classes, hold unique educational events and collaborate on cool projects.